Christenings x 2

On Sunday 30th July, we had William and Olly Christened at ‘our’ (or as William prefers it ‘his’) church (St. Nicolas in Bookham), where Helen and I got married.

It’s something we have been meaning to do for some time and now that Olly is about nine months old we thought it would be a suitable time to get both him and William Christened – a kind of two for the price of one deal.

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A pox on your house

Well, our house to be precise.

We’ve just come through a frustrating six weeks where either William or Olly have been really unwell.

First William caught tonsillitis which resulted in a very high temperature and him feeling really miserable. We ended up calling out Thames Doc and getting him some antibiotics which sorted him out in a couple of days or so but just as he completed his course of antibiotics he was struck down with Chicken Pox.

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